I was waiting for a friend outside of a doctor’s office, patience is not one of my virtues (but working on it) and sitting in a waiting room is a difficult task for almost anyone.

But I had to wait for my friend to come out so I began to browse some old magazines that were spread on the table, mainly fashion magazines and I am really not very educated on fashion (working on it) but these were old magazines so I didn’t think I could learn something new in them.

I was still trying to find something to read among those old magazines when suddenly three children screaming and running like a herd of wild lost horses irrupted into the waiting room and landed on the table right in front of me.  They “swam” on the magazines and took several of them in their hands, included the one I had in my hand, and left the room.  One of the nurses ask their mother to return the magazines, since they belonged to the hospital and the mother just answered: “Nah, my children want them, so they will take them with them”. The nurse tried once more to explain their mother that those magazines were property of the hospital and couldn’t be taken away. But the Lady just ignored the nurse and hurriedly answered that she couldn’t say no to them and left.

The nurse stood there with her mouth wide open and just returned to the front desk mumbling things. I was shocked with the attitude of that lady and I realised so were everybody who had witnessed that.

Everything happened so fast nobody could do or say anything in that moment.

A Lady who were sitting beside me just said angrily: “If those were my children I would certainly teach them some manners” And the other people in the sitting room, agreed with the lady and began to talk about how they would have scolded those little rascals.

Then at that moment my friend came out and I just told him he had miss all the action, then I explained what had just happened.

He told me that his parents had been that way with him, they never taught him to respect anyone, due to their privileged social position and that had made him a real unbearable “jerk” (his own words).

Then he told me about one time he had ended up in jail because he had convinced his girlfriend to steal some electronic devices from a neighbour´s house. He know it was something very bad but he felt it was a good way to show his parents that he really had no respect for anybody, specially them.

He knew his father would use his economic power to get him out of jail and so he did. His girlfriend remained in jail for a while too and then he forgot about that incident.

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6 thoughts on “Respect?

  1. I thought of doing some reading here and I came across your post and loved it. I agree with your friend that a high economics status in society makes them think they can have high social status and power over the lower classes.
    Children nowadays have lost respect as I too have encountered similar incidents. Hope everyone thinks the way you do and teach them to respect.
    Wonderful post!

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  2. Kritika!! Thanks for reading and Yes I hope we retake those values because is a world wide problem now. Thank you always!


  3. It is in the first 5 years of our lives where we develop all of the ways that we look at the world around us. So many parents make the same mistakes as to not guiding there children through the process of learning to live in the world around them. I have met many of them as they grew up and ended up in the Prison I worked in. It is a sad state of affairs and your friend is lucky that he had the insight to realize that people are important.

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  4. I think this is a major problem amonst parents who seem unable or even want to chastise their off spring thank you for highlighting it….and they and others like them are the future now that is scary if it’s not addressed and quickly 🙂

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  5. That is right we haven´t seen yet the problems this will bring in the future. I hope the new generations will find their way on time. Thanks for reading!


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