One of my friends is very small, or like she likes to say. “petite”. Her legs are short and she doesn’t walk very fast. So she was not used to walk long distances.

I am just the opposite, I have got long legs and walk extremely fast.

She looks everything from her perspective, obviously, so when I told her about my long walks, she couldn’t believe me, to her those distances are extreme. To me are normal.

One day, I found her in a park and she decided to walk a little with me. I reminded her that I have a very fast pace but she asked me to slow down a little. She had to tell me a lot about her life´s events so she kept talking and walking and talking and walking and talking and talking and talking…

When I finally finish all my tasks for the day she was very surprised of all the things I had done and even more surprised for the distance we had walked. A total of 9.5 miles, for her was the equivalent of walking from Earth to the Moon, to me was my daily routine.

She was so surprised that she had never dared to walk that much before, because from her own perspective she thought she was not able to do it. Therefore she never tried it.

She was so happy about that personal achievement that was thinking about making walking her new sport and hobby!

When she finally left planning to get a new pair of walking shoes, I kept thinking of all the things we never try, just because we think we are incapable to do them.

How many things have you left untouched in your life, just because you thought it was impossible for you to accomplish?

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4 thoughts on “Distance

  1. Too many folks never allow their lives to open up before them. There is always an opportunity for a new experience, but I think that we get so caught up in a routine that we allow life to pass us by.

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  2. Sad but true! At least there are plenty of opportunities right in front of us now! Let´s take the chance!

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  3. Lol! never underestimate the power of a good copywriter D! Although in the case of the bumblebee and the bee it is true, the back part of their body is too big and the front part too small, so technically they wouldn’t be able to fly, but they don´t care and keep transporting pollen all over the place!

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