Inner wisdom II

Inner wisdom comes not only in the form of theory or intellectual knowledge. It is a more profound concept.

We can say it is a part of our inner baggage, a set of tools that travel with us all our life and constantly updates with the help or our experiences and tests in life.

It means to be true to our inner being and apply those tools in our daily life.

Inner wisdom has little value if we keep it to ourselves. We need to share it and spread it around us.  Sharing is one of the lessons that inner wisdom teaches us as a pleasure and our duty.

Acquiring inner wisdom is a part of living beautifully, applying that wisdom in our daily life is mastering it.

And after mastering it you need to share it with others so you can touch their lives and make the change you want to see in your own reality.

But don’t expect inner wisdom to appear in front of you only as religious texts, books for initiates or as oral tradition from hidden societies.  Every experience in your life has its hidden wisdom waiting for you to discover it.

The times of the “few chosen ones” is over. Knowledge is in the open right now. Knowledge won’t choose to find you, but you will choose to search for it, recognise it and apply it.

Remember that knowledge without action is wasted information. Information saved in a book is only potential power. It needs you to come alive and serve a purpose.

And after sometime of trial and error in life, you find out that there is no better advice that the one coming from your inner self. And as we are all co-travellers in this journey we call life, the moment you bring some Light on others, automatically you are lighting up yourself. So keep that in mind and your journey will be a more pleasant one.

This second volume of the “Inner Wisdom” series is my sharing of my own experiences, stories, ideas, conclusions and thoughts, acquired during my journey on this time-space practice.

I hope these stories will make you think and recognise your own inner wisdom.

I am more than grateful to you, for being my companion in this journey, I wish you the best in all your endeavours and hope you continue to share with the rest of us your own Inner Wisdom.

Thank you always.


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