Get angry!

Few years ago I was imparting a self-defence class in a community centre for women (most of them were rape victims). I was talking about the importance of quickly neutralising the opponent to allow them to escape as soon as possible and/or ask for help depending on the circumstances.

In order to show a technique to keep a stranger at a certain distance and defend themselves from an attack, I asked a tinny woman to help me demonstrate the technique to the other students.

At first, she hesitated and timidly approached. She didn’t dare to look at me and kept her eyes all the time on the floor.

I had to ask her every time I gave her a new instruction to look at me to see how to do the movements.

And when I asked her to punch the training cushion so she could feel and measure the strength for the attack, I kept waiting to feel the punch on the cushion but nothing happened, I asked her to hit the cushion as hard as she could, but she barely touched it with her little fist.

Every movement she made was soft and full of fear and uncertainty.

I usually do not ask people to relive their bad experiences but this time I had to make an exception. I told her that one way to get rid of fear is by overcoming it with a more intense feeling and, that feeling is anger.

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2 thoughts on “   Get angry!

  1. Thank you D! We all need women to remember who they really are and acknowledge their power once more, otherwise humanity won’t find balance anymore

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