And now what?

“…So I began to visualise the end results I wanted to see in my life and then I stood there staring at the celling in silence wondering what to do next.” He said.

“Well after visualising what you want to manifest, what´s next is to follow your heart, you need to take a step towards what you want to get. If you don’t do anything, even taking a little step so your action moves the rest of the Universe, nothing is going to happen.” Was my answer.

“Ok, ok I know all that, I have read it a thousand times, but the thing is that right now, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I have done everything I know I can do, I have NO idea what the next step is and I need YOU to help me to find out what should I do now. There is nothing more enervating than wishing something and having no idea what to do about it, I cannot keep staring at the ceiling my whole life.” He said desperately.

“Ok, I understand, I have been there many times before. After you have done everything you can and/or you know you can do about it, what is next is to use the biggest force that can help you manifest in your life what you need: Gratitude.”

“I am telling you this from my own experience. I know that waiting for something we need or wish for is something very difficult and sometimes very stressful, but usually, there are many external factors that influence and delay the result we wish for, we need to use that waiting time wisely and, the best way to do that is redirecting that stress and impatience to feel gratitude for those things you already have.”

“Unfortunately we haven’t learnt yet the amazing power of gratitude. And I would dare to say that it creates unexpected miracles, opens doors and to tell you the truth, I am so happy with the results! I am grateful for Gratitude! “ We both laughed.

A friend of mine was unemployed and was having problems to cover her rent, (she was almost three months behind), and so she knew she could be evicted at any time. She tried to get a loan, applied for several jobs with no results.  Finally the feared day arrived and she was told to pay the rent or leave her flat.  She was devastated with no job, no options and two little children to take care of.

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6 thoughts on “And now what?

  1. Another great post, Hector. Attitude and perspective are as real as the weather. Our own little atmospheres that cloud over or let in the sunshine. I’m frequently amazed by how we get back what we give. 🙂


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