Don’t ask them

Usually when we are in doubt we begin searching for guidance or advice everywhere.

We do our research on the internet and books and magazines, etc.

The problem is when we find ourselves with those “experts” who have been in the field for a long time, you need to be prepared to find totally opposite answers/solutions to your question.

It is like when you go to see different doctors, you will listen to different opinions, same with attorneys and many other professionals.

Every one of them will have their own perspective of your situation, besides remember that when a person specialises on a particular field, his/her mind becomes narrowed and fixated on what they believe is an absolute truth. Especially when they don´t update their knowledge constantly.

I know this might sound disheartening but it is true and I am sure you have been in situations like this before.

If you are one of those experts or the one who is finding too many experts giving you different “solutions”, know that we all have been in both sides.


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5 thoughts on “Don’t ask them

  1. Great advice, Hector. The experts’ opinions must be filtered through our own hearts and consciousness or we do ourselves a disservice. I frequently suffer from “what I don’t know, I don’t know.” So the knowledge of wiser souls is crucial, yet it must also “feel” comfortable as I try it on. There’s nothing better than an AHA moment when it fits. 😀

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  2. That is right D! The problem nowadays is that there are too many Chiefs and not many indians, that is, too many “Experts” and few people really prepared to give you a real hand. As long as you ask the experts through the ears of your soul, things will be alright!

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