First day of the Three day Quote challenge!

Hello, everyone. I have been again nominated for the 3 days 3 quote my dear friend Kritika Vashist, please take a look at her works! She is brilliant!

The first quote:


And my nominations for day 1 are:

Bridgette´s Digits

D. Wallace Peach

Carol A. Hand

Keep reading! and thank you all!


10 thoughts on “First day of the Three day Quote challenge!

  1. Thanks so much, Hector. I love these challenges. In fact, I just finished this one up about 3 weeks ago. 😀 I don’t think I’ll do it again so soon, but I so appreciate the thought. I’ll be reading the quotes you pick…they’re sure to be as thought-provoking as your posts!

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  3. Thank you for thinking of me, Hector. I’m honored and glad to see that your work is receiving the recognition it deserves. I apologize for taking so long to respond. Gardening, grandparenting, and other responsibilities have kept me too busy lately. I trust you have found others who are able to rise to the challenge 🙂

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  4. Thank you Carol! don´t mention it, it is not imperative to follow this challenges they must be fun or they have no reason to be. I understand I am too busy lately as well! It is a real honour for me that you take the time to read my blog! Thanks Carol!

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