Your team

I have been reading everywhere about the importance to choose the people you surround yourself with. And I am not talking only about your work team, but the people you spend more time with in your everyday life.

They say we become what we eat, but we become too a little like those who surround us, human beings are imitation creatures, so we end up implementing customs, habits, ideas, concepts, movements, and many other things almost without noticing it.

Have you noticed when friends of yours share expressions, taste, manners, slang and some other characteristics that they didn’t showed before, and after sometime of “hanging out” with mutual friends or acquaintances, they begin to behave in similar ways.

Well this “sharing” takes place at several levels and, believe it or not, this ends up affecting many aspects in your life.

I am not saying you should “dump” your good old life time mates! I am just saying you should begin to administrate the time you spend with certain people.

If you are getting the “wrong” results, sometimes you feel you are acting in ways even yourself find “strange” or you just want to create a radical change in your actual life, then give yourself the opportunity to change your “life team”.

You don´t have to abandon your old crew, but a new one will bring new perspectives, ideas and concepts that you had never imagined before and will deepen your life experience and those things you can live and share with others.

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