What is your scorpion?

I was overhearing a group of ladies in a park, complaining about the existence of bad ugly things and people.

One of them was saying that God shouldn’t allow bad things, people or events to exist. The rest of the group around her nodded in agreement.

I continued my walk thinking that when I was a little child I had that same stance towards scorpions. I was really afraid of them. And I was so terrified of them that I attracted them by the dozens.  When we went to visit my cousins in a region where scorpions are very common, they always were amazed to see that as soon as I got to their place, little scorpions began to appear, in the walls, in the corners, under the beds (specially under the bed I used), on the ceiling, etc. Of course my fear was so STRONG that I attracted them. obviously. (This is a clear example of the Law of Attraction at work). That awful feeling of fear attracted them as soon as I was present.

So as soon as my family knew I was coming to visit them, they fumigated the whole house two days before my arrival. Nevertheless, as soon as I entered their house, the scorpions began to appear. The rest of the year they never would never see them again.

Luckily I was never stung by one. But I was very small and questioned myself MANY times why would God allow such an awful and mean creature to exist and torment me. Especially when I found out that there were 1700 different species known to us and that at least 1,000 adults and children die every single year due to stings from this creature, then I wanted them all vanished from the face of the Earth!

It was years later, when I began to understand the importance of their existence to help keep the level of other insects reaching high numbers in some areas and to read about all the benefits scientists have found in their venom.

So, after all, they do have a REASON to exist!

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9 thoughts on “ What is your scorpion?

  1. Wow Thanks Shelley! I know that book and loved it very much, Thanks!!!I don´t remember many things though so thanks for the PDF. I´ll read it again! You are so kind!!


  2. I completely agree. Everything has a purpose and a reason for happening. Although we may not be able to see the whole picture right now, one day I believe we will.

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