Your journey

No, I gave up a long time ago. Those typical “Yeah, right” glances and smirks, those rolling eyes and sudden changes of topic in the conversation were just too much for me.

So yes, I did give up on trying to make the others understand me.

I don´t like to watch sports on TV but if you are a man, have you tried to tell other men you don´t like it and then they look at you as if you just arrived from a distant planet in a new discovered galaxy.

“No thank you I don´t drink alcoholic beverages”

“Naaaah, hahaha, really? They answered. “Yes, really” was my polite answer with a little smile in my lips.

After looking at the other people present with disbelieve in their eyes: “Ok mate! No problem! Here, have a beer!”

“But I just told you I don’t drink alcoholic beverages” I replied a little annoyed.

“But mate, this is just a beer, it has no alcohol in it!” He answered with really huge eyes! “Sorry to let you know this but, it does, 6%” Was my laconic answer.

He looked at the bottle with a surprised look in his already big eyes and went back with the other mates to watch a rugby match on TV.  They all forgot about my existence few seconds later.

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5 thoughts on “Your journey

  1. It has taken me a while, but I too have finally arrived and given up at trying to have others understand me. It doesn’t matter if I am misunderstood. I understand myself and I no longer feel inclined to explain or defend. What’s great about that, is now I am understood, or so it seems. Perhaps, the key was my own acceptance and understanding of myself:-)

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