You´ll be missing this.

When I was a little child I dreamt with being a grown up and doing whatever I wanted without having to ask permission or receiving help from anyone. Being a grown up should be something marvellous!

I remember those times now and wish I could go back to being spoiled and ignoring many things that happen every day around me.

Years later while I was waiting for my daughter to stop crying and allow us to go back to sleep, while swinging her cradle, I remember wishing she could grow up fast and see her as a beautiful girl who would go to sleep quietly and fast!

Now I see in my mind those times with nostalgic eyes, wishing I could hold her in my arms and take her by the hand for a walk in the park. Now both of my daughters are too busy learning what life is and I have to almost get an appointment to see them for a little while.

I remember those times when I thought the day I had money, my own house and a nice car I would be the happiest man on Earth, not having to pay rent, commute in a slow public transport and depending on the help of others should be the best experience of all.

Those days came and my level of happiness didn´t improve with those “goods”.

When the end of school terms arrived, final tests were a nightmare. Sleepless nights, spending the day studying and reviewing notes, I felt that was a real inferno! I believed then, the day I left school for ever would be the happiest day in my life.

A few days ago I was able to see my old school and the memories were so unbelievable, I wished I could go back in time and live those times again.

I realised that no matter what time of my life I remember, there were difficulties, hard times, fear and uncertainty, but always there were good things to love and enjoy too.

So look around you, see your life as it is now, with its good, bad and “awful” things. This time will pass very fast too. You will soon be missing this time and everything it as well.

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4 thoughts on “You´ll be missing this.

  1. These are excellent points. We often look forward to the future so much that we forget to pay attention to the present. The future will come on it’s own, but the present we will never get back.

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