I was trying to understand what two young girls were trying to say to each other while waiting on a platform in an underground station. They were with an adult who I assume was the mother of one of the teenagers.

It was very difficult to understand what they were talking about, but I felt relieved when I notice I was not the only one, the mother and two other ladies were in the same predicament I was.  We obviously were confused with the way some words were used.

I cannot remember exactly what words they were using but, when one of them asked the other the meaning of one of those words, she gave an answer that was far from being correct.

When the mother asked the teenager where she had learnt that word, the girl answered that “her friends used it a lot in the school.”

-“But the meaning is wrong dear, you are using that word in a wrong way” said the mother.

“Oh who cares? While my friends and I understand what we are trying to say, it doesn’t matter what its real meaning is” was the girl’s answer.

“But how will the other people really understand you if you are not using the words properly? You cannot just invent new meanings for words expecting everyone else to accurately understand what you are trying to communicate”

The girls saw each other and just giggled. The mother just sighted impatiently after the lack of interest from the teenagers on the subject and the conversation ended there.

Once on the tube, too ladies were happily chatting and using many rude words and terms as “irregardles”, “fagged”, “gobby” and so on.

I know that some people feel certain power when using “slang or bad words” since that makes them look “tough” (especially women) but the problem is, nowadays people are using them in excess and those words are losing that “power”.

First we use words without knowing their true meaning then, we “grant them” a new connotation. And later we complain about being misunderstood.

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