It is amazing when you compare the differences between several concepts that I thought were a little more “standardise” like “success”, “beauty”, “good”, “evil” and so on.

For some strange reason I always thought we all shared the same concepts on many subjects, like the notion of “good” for instance. It was years later when having to interact with people from different countries as a visitor and observer, that I had my first “cultural shock”.

So maybe the ideas are not that different, but our interpretations are. What my community considers a crime, a different culture considers it as something normal, even logical.

What some people might consider “justice” for other is an “injustice”. For some people certain characteristics define “beauty” but those same characteristics are considered just the opposite for others and so on.

That is a good sign actually, the variety in concepts and ideas is an excellent thing for us to learn and share. We can actually learn to see things under a different light, once we open our mind to new horizons.

Unfortunately we still have many prejudices in our subconscious mind and we tend to reject certain ideas without realising it consciously, but as the roots are too deep into our mind, we still need to work on our “openness.”

A good sign of our own evolution as individuals and society is that we change our concepts, ideas and even tastes in all areas of our lives. That shows that most times we do not really “cling” to particular ways of thinking and that we are free enough to let our mind “flow” and “grow”.

Remember “LIFE = MOVEMENT”.

We cannot remain static for a long time or we will perish. And as the human race has been discovering for years, “Everything evolves, nothing is stationary” and I would love some people would understand that, so we all could leave harmful customs and ideas behind.

The moment you can realise that some idea, custom, habit, thought or believe is keeping your from advancing in your life, or that it no longer works for you, then be strong enough and wise enough to let it go.

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8 thoughts on “Concepts

  1. Great post, Hector. I love those moments when I’m challenged to see outside my box (or perhaps my box is just getting a little roomier). Either way, it’s liberating. 🙂


  2. You put it down so perfectly! I find it really hard to accept changes…but I guess what you wrote really does makes sense! Thanks for implanting the seed of thought in my mind! 🙂

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