We are taught to trust our senses to recognise our reality. We believe in what we can “touch”, “Seeing is believing” and so forth.

It is logical to take as “real” those things that our five senses can perceive. Our senses were designed for that purpose, right?

Well as a child I loved to play those games in magazines and books where drawings could hide different shapes and only focusing your mind in certain areas of the illustration you could find more “hidden” shapes. 

I also loved those pictures they made with computers in the 80s where you could only see certain patterns when you looked at them using your “normal sight” but once you “unfocused” the picture as a whole, your mind was able to “discover a hidden shape”.

As I grew up my interest on illusionism and magic increased and I studied several “magic tricks” just to catch the secrets of the greatest magicians and illusionists. The way they were able to “fool” our minds in order to see something different from the reality was fascinating to me.

Then when I worked in the media, especially in radio and TV news programs, I was surprised when I learnt how the reality was “bent” once more and a note was “covered and manipulated” to present a different face to the public. Once again our “reality” was showing a distorted image and we were taking the information we received through our senses as the truth.

But when I really proved to myself that we are living a “variable reality” was when I began studying quantum mechanics, then I discovered that the observer altered the result of the reality, depending on his/her observation.

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4 thoughts on “Perceiving

  1. I’m a believer, Hector, and understand that individual realities are…realities. At the same time, I’m an adherent of “do no harm,” so I do get into activist situations where I attempt to educate and shift perceptions. That’s perhaps one of the cool things about a variable reality, it can change. Love your posts!

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  2. Indeed Jean you are totally right! Unfortunately it is difficult to understand and that is why we are still discussing trivialities! Thanks for reading and comment Jean!


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