We always complain about the bad things that happen to us in our everyday life.

Sometimes we feel the worst things take place at the worst moment so our mind begins to orbit around our problems, leaving the rest of our life out of perspective. Then the rest of the world disappears and our attention is focused on those “terrible situations”.

We all have been there and when we finally take a look around us, we finally see there are much bigger problems in the life of others that the ones we are considering as our doom.

I am not saying that we should be happy because other people have got bigger problems than us, I am just saying you should look outside your little hole for a moment and use the rest of the world as reference in order to get a better perspective of your situation.

As you have experienced in your life many times before, every problem you have faced was eventually solved.

Some problems appeared so daunting and overwhelming at that moment, we couldn’t see any possible solution in the first place, and nevertheless they were solved in the end. And as a big bonus, we learnt a great lesson by solving them.

In fact, have you noticed how many times those “bad events” brought a great change to your life? Yes, most times those bad things were the famous “blessings in disguise”. I know you are thinking now, that has not been always the case, but believe me, even the worst situations have their hidden “goods” in them and everything is a matter of perspective and willingness to search for them.

I know this might sound harsh to you, but after the heat of the problem is gone and with a cooler and calmer mind, those “blessings” are easier to spot.

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6 thoughts on “Bad

  1. I’m so glad you starting off with the caveat “in our everyday life.” There are certainly horrific things that happen to people for which the silver lining is threadbare. That said, each day is filled with “everyday” annoyances and those are great opportunities to learn about our own responses and make choices. I think about that on a more dramatic scale too. My first marriage didn’t end well, but I have a wonderful daughter and grandson that wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t jumped like a fool into that relationship. I’m thankful that I did. 😀


  2. Thank you D! Yes We need to change our perspective on that “everyday” things that seem sometimes so illogical. There is a lesson every where waiting to de discovered. Thanks for reading and commenting D!

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