I was having a hard time trying to pick up my bicycle, the training wheels made things even more difficult and for a 5 years old, this looked like an impossible task. Nevertheless I was doing my best to pick it up to keep pedalling back home, despite my bruised knee after the fall.

I was about to start crying because I just couldn´t do it when a tall man arrived and with one hand picked up my bicycle and helped me to get on it again.  With a smile and a wink he said goodbye to me and continued his walk.

I was marvelled! “He must be the strongest men in the world” I thought. Of course I wasn´t very tall nor very strong at that age, but to me it was admirable.

Years later during a martial arts tournament I was observing an old man breaking three huge blocks of ice with his bare hand.  I was amazed he look so thin and small, but he had gathered the strength of 10 man and had achieved a real prodigy in front of a surprised crowd.  It was unbelievable!

After a while I approached that old Japanese man and asked him how was he able to do such an amazing act! He stared at me for a while and told me: “You are very young and with no experience in life. That is why it looks so amazing to you, but it is not. I´ll teach you.”

He took me to a room with many boards they used for demonstration purposes, and took three of them, he showed me how to hit them in the right way and when I used the technique he had taught me, the boards broke very easily. I was surprised that I was able to do something like that!!! And, he was right, it was just a matter of applying a technique.

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