Yes, I have talked about this before, but I have seen so many more examples of this lately that I felt compelled to talk about it once more.

Yesterday I went to the market to see if I could find some fruits of the season, but first of all, I realised I didn’t really know what were the fruits of this season but, then I was able to learn a lot about fruits and their care from a pro.

I was trying to choose some fruits, when I noticed that the owner of the stall was having problems with her mobile phone. She wasn’t able to make an application work for her. I asked what her problem was and then proceeded to explain to her how to do it properly. Of course it was an easy task and to me represented no complication whatsoever. But for her it was a frightening problem. When I show her a couple more times how she could do it herself she was grateful and relieved. She even gave me a beautiful tasty red apple as a gift!!

I wanted to buy some bananas and avocados. These were still very “green” and weren’t ready to eat yet, so I told her I wouldn’t buy them because I would rather wait for them to be ripe, she looked at me surprised and then gave me a very interesting 25 minutes lecture on how to accelerate the ripping of the fruits, how to conserve them so they would last longer and how to know when there are already losing their freshness.

All that info was new to me, I was impressed with all the facts I ignored about fruits and their care and I thanked the lady for the valuable lesson that would save me a lot of money in the future. She thanked me in return for the lesson on mobile programming and she excused herself for being so ignorant on the subject. I told her that we all ignore things that other people see as “common knowledge” or even “logical” since they had easy access to that information. But that the good thing is that we all can exchange our knowledge and experiences and expand our minds and help other people grow as well.

We both were happy, she had a new way to communicate with her children from the distance and I have got delicious fruit and new knowledge.

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