“So you are marrying that guy?” I asked her.

“Yes I am.” She answered with a vague look in her eyes.

“But you said you met him just two months ago” I asked her with surprise.

After a few seconds of consideration she swiftly said: “Yes, but please understand that I don´t want to be alone anymore.” Her voice was firm and I understood she didn´t want to continue this conversation.“Yes, you have told me that before but I don´t think that marrying someone for that reason will help you with your loneliness” solitude and being lonely are two very different things. Keep that in mind.”  I said just to leave something to ponder before I left.

She looked at me for a while and then with a low voice that was very difficult to hear she just said: “I know, you are right, but it´s done! I cannot back off now.”

I thought it was not the best moment to go on with this subject so I better left her  with her thoughts, but on my way home I was thinking how for some people, being alone is a hard load to bear. I have always enjoyed my solitude, it is when I can communicate with my inner self, the moment when ideas and opportunities appear in my path.

As you may have noticed in my articles, I always mention how taking long walks are one of my higher joys in life. Being with myself is a pleasure I need every day so I can work properly.

Have you noticed how an inner dialogue is always a moment to find epiphanies and miracles?

Don´t take me wrong, I am not saying that you shouldn´t enjoy the time you spend with others, but once you are able to find the balance in both worlds you will be happier and your life will be a constant joy.  Stop suffering for being alone and begin knowing yourself so you learn to enjoy your own company in any situation.

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6 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Wise advice, Hector. That balance is more like a pendulum, so tuning into oneself is key. I like the ability to ebb and flow socially. Like you, I wouldn’t recommend marrying as a solution to the discomfort of loneliness. One might try volunteering first 🙂

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  2. Ha ha. Was I being cryptic? Diving was what I did to make friends at a time when I was quite lonely – it involved group classes, diving buddies, days of travel and fun, more classes, a trip to the tropics, etc. But it could have been cooking or art classes or joining a community sports team or a book club. Anything! As an introvert, I needed to find commitments that got me out with fun people.

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