New view

Last time I was there I was feeling sad and tired.  The field looked at that time dry and colourless. The weather was fine but I felt it cold and asphyxiating. I had lost an aunt who had been as my second mother all my life and from that moment on, life would be very different to what I thought it would be my reality for ever.

A photograph captured that moment. I never dared to see that photo again so it remain for many years hidden in a box.

The image of that field never changed. In my memories it was dry, cold and gloomy. I had never returned to visit that place in all these years.

But by “accident” I ended up in that place years after that day. I was surprised to see that field again, but this time so bright and green. So full of life everywhere and with refreshed scents and sounds.  What had happened to that place to have changed in such a wonderful way?

When I went back home, I searched for that photograph and when I found it I was really surprised to see that the field in the photograph was no different at all to the one my eyes had perceived this time.

It wasn´t the field, but my eyes the ones which were sad, cold and gloomy.

Once again I was able to prove to myself that our reality can be modified and filtered depending on our thoughts, feelings and ideas.

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