Dead skin


I just found the skin of a snake, well what was left of it. It was like a transparent hose still showing the patterns of its scales. It was difficult to believe it was once the actual skin of one of those brown snakes. When you look at them, their skins look so shiny and firm. This skin look so fragile and dry now. It was death skin.

I guess the snake didn’t make a big fuss and drama for leaving that skin behind. She just got rid of that death cover and let it go without looking back to see if it there is still some part of it that could be reused.

I observed the same with most trees in autumn.  They begin to show beautiful green leaves in spring and as soon as the summer is over they begin to drop the brown, yellow and red leaves, (also beautiful, but dead).

Mother Nature teaches us many things and a very important lesson is this: “Life is made of cycles” and we need to understand that we can begin, continue and end the cycles without attachment and drama.

Even your own body gets rid of death cells every day. And instead of being a terrible thing to do, your body knows it is a necessity and the way it cleanses itself from all impurities.

I know that when drastic change appears in our lives things are not as easy to digest as the examples I just mentioned.

We tend to attach to everything we consider ours and eternal, until we discover the truth and then realise nothing is really ours and eternity is far from our reach.

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2 thoughts on “Dead skin

  1. Thank you for reading and for the inspiration you give me with your posts! Your blog is wonderful!


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