A safer place

Sometimes life seems so “illogical”, “unexplainable”, “unfair”, etc. The world look as a heinous place to live and everyone around us seem to be “out to get us”.

You try to understand what is going on and why everybody is so “mean” to you, since you are such a nice person!

Sometimes you wonder why the ones you love the most seem to be the ones who hurt you frequently and more deeply.

When you observe their attitude and behaviour it´s easy to see they are not bad people, they actually do most things with good intentions. So how come they hurt you so much?

If you look closely, most people are hurting you not because they are doing bad things on purpose, you are hurting because it is you the one who is compromising and giving away your own happiness.

How many times have you put yourself in a situation that is painful or overwhelming just for the sake of others?

I am not saying that sacrificing for others is a bad thing to do, but first of all, you must remember that your well-being must be your first priority. Then you can help and do things for others.

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8 thoughts on “A safer place

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. I especially like the part where you said ” . . . a dried well cannot provide water to anyone.”

    Thanks for yet another dose of perspective just when I needed it most!

    Liked by 1 person

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