Do it for you

The more you advance in life, the more you realise that your reality has more to do with yourself than with external elements.

We are taught to avoid selfish attitudes and to pay attention on the opinion of the rest of the world, before considering our own.

You try sometimes to be good to other people, specially your loved ones, but time teaches you that you cannot make them love you, as you love them, you cannot expect them to be as good and loyal to you, as you are to them. You cannot force them to see life as you do, because they have their own view of the world, they have their own needs and they experience a different life with different perspectives and ideas, even if they spend all the time near you.

No matter how much you sacrifice for them, they won’t value you the same way you value them.

And this is good.  Because they will grow at their own pace and so will you.

Remember that they have their own responsibilities, problems, dreams, ideas and compromises. And most of those have nothing to do with you.

They are too anxious with their own struggles, they cannot focus on your needs and expectations all the time, and not because they are careless or bad people, no, they are just too busy living their life.

And you know what? Do not even try to judge them for that, because they see you in the same way. We all need to realise that.

It is not your fault, you haven’t done anything wrong. It is just our nature, we are self-focused and most times we don’t see beyond our own little world. But we are learning all the time.

But you are aware of it and now you are able to understand them and change your attitude on that as well.

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