Bad day

There are days when you would like to stay in bed the whole day without knowing from the external world. Those days when you would like to sleep all the time so you don’t have to face a bunch of problems, people and situations that make you feel overwhelmed and fed up of everything.

Many times we feel as if we just couldn’t go on, we feel we are carrying the whole world on our shoulders, and when things get more complicated, finding new answers and solutions is an almost impossible task, or at least so it seems to us.

I remember times when I felt I had reached the end of the journey, things seemed impossible to solve and my mind was so “cluttered” I just couldn’t see the end of the tunnel.

And you know what? Those days will always appear. So I have discovered that the best way you can face a day like that, is by just standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself: “look, you have been here before, many times you have felt you were in an unsolvable situation, and you are still here now. This time won’t be the exception. You are now stronger and wiser than last time, so this time you will be perfectly fine once more.”

Once you remember you have succeed in the past, many times in even worse situations than the present one, your subconscious mind will remember that you already have in yourself what it takes to overcome whatever obstacle you see in front of you.

Remember, those apparent obstacles are nothing but lessons, with their solutions hidden beneath their fierce appearance.

This time you don’t need to believe me nor anyone else, you have the experience under your sleeve and you know from a good source (your own story) that you have succeed in the past, you have conquered those situations and problems you thought once were impossible to tame.  You are the living proof that you are a winner, with all the potential to overcome any situation and to remove any obstacle appearing in your path.

You are your own “knight in shinning armour” to rescue you from the evil forces of darkness.

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2 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. Such beautiful and encouraging words, Hector. I’m so drawn to messages like this, as it’s just the right dose of verbal medicine I respond to.
    Thoughtfully put, and warmly received. Thanks for the ‘chin up’ cheer today. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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