Premio Dardos


It is a real honour to be awarded the Premio Dardos = Darts Awards (translated from Spanish). I am so excited because the meaning behind this award is wonderful. The Premio Dardos is given from one blogger to another, in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

I would like to thank Aayusi Biswas for such an honour! Please visit her blog, she is very talented and a great writer I am sure you will enjoy her blog as much as I do!

Rules (As presented by Aayusi Biswas:

1.Thank the Blogger who nominated you for it.

2.Nominate a few other blogger’s and notify them.

And to follow the principles of this award I would like to nominate (with no obligation from the nominees to accept the award)  to some blogs that have been a great example and inspirition for me:



Me- who am I?


To mention just a few.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and sharing so much with all of us.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you all!

Hector Sampson

10 thoughts on “Premio Dardos

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Hector. Aren’t there questions you’re supposed to answer? I was looking forward to learning more about you! 😀 :-D. You have a wonderful and inspiring blog. Congratulations on your nomination and thanks for sending it my way. ❤

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  2. mmmh I don´t know D! the rules Aayusi posted were just those too, no questions whatsoever! But open to any questions you want to ask me!

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