A teacher I had, once told us that learning History is one of the most important subjects, not because of the dates and names, but because it teaches what mistakes were made in the past and how not to repeat them again.

Although I think we all have failed on that completely because humans are repeating same mistakes over and over again all the time. So I think that we are not done learning that important skill from history yet.

One of the most impressive parts in human history, to me at least, is the rise and fall of the biggest empires all over the world.  From the Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, The Russian empire, The British Empire and so on.

There are many essays trying to explain why the most powerful empires had fallen throughout history but, that is a very complex subject and I have no intention to begin a debate here.

What I would like to underline here is that History teaches about cycles as well.

Everything in this universe is cyclical. Our life is a cycle.

If the most powerful Empires had their glory and fell down inevitably I think we should consider the possibility that our cycles had to begin and end too.

I have got a friend who used to be a very famous celebrity (worldwide celebrity).  Of course she made lots of money and had the most important thing for that kind of people: Power.

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3 thoughts on “Empires

  1. I do wish mankind would learn from our big mistakes, Hector. That would save a lot of suffering. But I agree with you on cycles certainly. Our lives are filled with them – a juggling act, at times. I like the knowledge that with each ending there are beginnings with new opportunities to grow (as well as all those in-progress arcs curving through the air). 🙂

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  2. That is right D! But actually even the “bad” cycles are part of the variety of life and in the end we don´t feel them “that bad” once we understand the lesson they gave us! Thanks for reading!

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