Most people I know hate waiting for anything.  Waiting is something so important that is amazing we all lack that skill, gift, knowledge or whatever you want to call it.

We are losing many values nowadays, but one I really am very fond of is punctuality. I consider than wasting other people’s time is one of the worst offences we can do to them. We have no idea what they had to go through in order to give us some of their time and, if we show up late or if we show no respect for their time, we have no respect for ourselves either.

Respecting time, ours and other people’s is a virtue.

But it is also a virtue, to wait with calmed mind.

Sometimes the Universe forces us to wait for some things, in order to make us learn/change certain details in ourselves so we are more prepared for what is coming.  We all have experienced that, we all know it but, we all forget it often.

Sometimes while we wait, we learn and transform ourselves into a new person. Sometimes we even learn that what we are waiting for is of no need for us any more, we even can change the course of our journey while waiting, and most times that is a wise decision. That is why we were meant to wait in the first place.

That is one of the reasons we must learn to wait calmly.  If you are impatient, desperate and needy you will miss the lesson and maybe the opportunity to receive something even better than what you are expecting.

After some time you will see that the process of waiting is even more important than receiving what you are waiting for.  That waiting period is the true gift. Use it wisely.

Probably you will receive what you wanted way before than you imagined and then, from there,  you will go back to the process of learning, probably what you were waiting for had lost its appeal or your “need” for it by then. It is then, when you realise that waiting period had a hidden purpose.  Sometimes you even forget what you were waiting for in the first place, because in that process, you found something even better and brighter than what you had in mind before.

Maybe that would be the only way you would “find” that new path, those new people or, your new life?

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