I wasn’t surprised to read a recent study from the University of Philadelphia and the University of Madison, WI, USA, about the importance of talking to oneself in order to activate and increase your memory.

In a nut shell, the study presents a series of results, taken from several investigations where people from different backgrounds were asked to try and remember where they had placed things, while they said in loud voice the name of the object they were searching for. For instance, a group of people who were trying to find their keys, while looking around their house for them kept repeating: ”keys, the keys” all the time and other group of people were asked not to say or think that word.

The results were amazing, as I have no permission to give more details about this study, I invite you to search for it on the Internet, there are actually other studies related to this subject. Very interesting and stimulating reading.

As a “side effect” they found too, that your mind, in order to “receive” an information fully, you need to repeat it in a loud voice, by “listening” to you voice, your brain will pick up that information more deeply and will store it for a longer period of time.

So guess what? They said that those people who talk to themselves  have a better memory and sharper minds that those who avoid it.  Even for manifesting things you wish for, it’s a great practice to talk to yourself about it.

If you want to read more of this article and similar ones. Click here


2 thoughts on “Talk

  1. So interesting, Hector. I must begin muttering to myself more often! 🙂 I’m fascinated by how language is such an organizing factor in our brains – through articulation we define and attach meaning to our experiences. It makes sense that speaking our desires reinforces them. Cool research.

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  2. Yes D! it was in interesting experiment, I´ll be boring myself to tears with my speeches but at least they will help a little with my memory and thinking.
    After all I talk to me all the time, that is why this blog is called Dialogs with my innerself!!
    Thanks for reading D!

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