A little experience…

He was screaming and throwing things around him in the middle for the pavement. People avoid the site where he was standing and preferred to cross the street so they hadn´t to pass near him.

I saw him from a distance, I could see he was very angry and he was yelling things I couldn’t understand.  As I approached the place he was standing at, a lady was running away from him while he shouted: “I don´t know why I am doing this to myself, if I know I am hurting myself” and then kicked a plastic bucket near him.

Instead of crossing the street to the other side in order to avoid this man, I kept walking normally. I have no idea why, since he was very aggressive and throwing everything he could find.

Moved my invisible strings, I kept walking as if nothing was going on and then I finally was 2 yards from him, he lifted his head and looked at me intensely.  I kept walking and just smiled at him. He looked at me a little puzzled and just said: “I am hurting myself, and I know it”. Without stopping I answered: “One way or the other we all are, but at least, now you know it and can do something about it”. And continued my way without turning back.

I had advanced like 20 metres when I heard his voice shouting:” Hey! Thank you!” I stopped, turned around to look at him, I smiled once more and wave my hand at him. He looked more relaxed. I continued my way asking what had just happened. Why did I say such a thing? Where did those words come from? etc.

I have been trying to understand what happened this morning without success, but all I know is that I had to share this with you, and I have been finding some lessons in this incident myself.

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