Move it!

Every feeling, every sensation, every emotion has a reason to exist. They are not just a caprice of nature.  They have a function as well.

One of them, I have observed very carefully, is fear and it has surprised me how important it is. This natural mechanism has been implanted in us to “force us to move ahead” nevertheless many times it block us and paralyse us, causing us double damage.

Some species of animals are paralysed by fear and are easily trapped by their predators. But the species which react to danger by moving faster are the ones that are more capable of surviving.

I have seen the same effect with us humans, we are supposed to move as soon as fear appears in our hearts.  But sometimes we get paralysed and our brain “shuts down” due to that lack of movement.

Life is movement.

Unfortunately we have allowed the natural programming of that “switch” to be altered and now fear takes control of our system in a bad way.

And I am not talking about big dangerous situations only.  I am talking about our everyday life. The typical unexpected situation that appear in our path and leave us static and with a fearful motionless attitude.

That doesn’t mean that you should always flee when facing a danger, there are too many aspects you need to take in account before jumping out and run. But usually these decisions are taken in seconds by our brain.

The most important thing is not allowing fear to “neutralise” our capacity of response, our capacity of reasoning and our mobility.

Apply this to your daily life, when your mind is burdened with worries, remember that all it means is that you need to move from the physical or mental place you are now at.

Take fear as a signal of your need for change.

Instead of allowing anguish and stress to take control of your mind, stop and ask yourself, what this apparent “threat” means. What needs to change in your life so this “nuisance” disappears? What is the Universe and/or your heart trying to tell you this time? What is the best course of action to take now?

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2 thoughts on “Move it!

  1. interesting post, Hector. Fear is so nuanced. Unless someone is in physical danger, I agree that taking the time to look inward for fear’s source is an opportunity to learn and make choices that move a life forward. Too often, people needlessly externalize and blame others, which relieves them of responsibility for the quality of their own lives. 🙂


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