Your deeds

I used to think that trophies and medals, awards and acknowledgements were a sign of success. And maybe in most cases this is so, but I was shocked to learn how easy is nowadays to buy or get one when you have enough cash in your wallet or you know the “right” people.

I do not usually accept those things because I feel I haven´t really earn them yet. I know so many people with years of experience, hard work, perseverance and especially great results to show and, most times, they are ignored.

But suddenly you can see people who out of the blue have diplomas, medals, trophies and other honours without having any apparent “causes” to deserve such distinctions.

I of course we cannot “investigate” every “winner” of these honours, but I am speaking this time about three close friends who are building sand castles through “obtaining” such “prizes” in very dark and unknown ways.

I bring this to the light today, because one of them was asked publicly to return one of these awards and I felt so bad for her but, the truth is that she never “earned” the award, she got it through friends in the committee.

I won´t go any further because I do not like to point fingers to anyone, I have not the right nor the authority to do such a thing. But I would like to tell you through this article that once you do things to “impress” others or to create an “image” before others, in order to be “admired” or obtain economic benefits through a lie, things always end up bad. Please reconsider it.

If you do something do it because you love it, do your best to serve others, enjoy every minute of it, do it for yourself, then you will perform like a pro, time will fly, working will be a pleasure and you will be the best in your speciality.

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