Your future, now

Despite that you are still here now, that you have survived and overcome thousands of dangers and obstacles in your path. Despite that you have always been protected in many ways seen and unseen…

Even that some problems seemed insurmountable, so many obstacles looked difficult to avoid and some people impossible to reach. You are here now, and you are well.

You can look at your past right now and see how things managed, problems were solved and apparent obstacles disappeared or turned into advantages.

And even with all those proofs in your baggage, you still insist in doubting about your future? Come on.

Maybe it is embedded into our subconscious mind, maybe is a way the Universe makes us gather the strength to carry on, maybe is the only way we would do some changes in our life in order to take new paths, I do not know, but that uncertainty about what the future holds for us is always present.

Some people get worried and scared and expect some miracle to happen and save them from their present dilemma. Sometimes that miracle happens in unexpected ways, sometimes that miracle never appears because we did not allow it to appear, due to our doubts and fear. But most times it never appeared because we never created it.

Your future is beginning right now, it does not exist in a faraway place, and it is starting this very moment and in a second it will become your past.

There is no time to feel sorry for yourself, things are the way they are supposed to be and that is not bad, because you have the power to do something to change that. You are never alone, there is a big intelligence out there that we know little about, but that it’s directing and controlling the whole scene. You might give it the name you want, but that will not change its essence.

So, if your future is starting right now, then have the courage to take the first step towards it with faith and determination. After all, is your future you are walking to and your future you needs you to get there with optimism, faith, strength and trust. That way you will create a future based on hard rock, no sand soil.

So be thankful for your past, because you lived many wonderful things then, you learnt many lessons and it made you who you are now. Be thankful for your present because it gives you the opportunity to change the things that don’t work for you anymore and it allows you to put in practice what you have learnt in that past in order to be a better you, it gives you the opportunity to know you are powerful enough to change your world and is the ground where your future is taking shape.

If your present is not what you wish for you. Don´t worry you are at the right place and at the right time to start all over again. This time you are starting with the tools of past experience and knowledge, and that is a big advantage.

Get ready your future is being created now.

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