This is certainly no time to stop

I was showing some students some moves with an old Japanese weapon, when one of them asked me to teach him how to make a movement called “finger roll” where the weapon “rolls” over your index finger to reach the opposite position.

When I showed him that move again, he asked me to do it “slowly”.

I just stood there staring at my hand and suddenly realised that it was not possible to do that movement slowly since it was thanks to the force of inertia that that movement was possible. And it needed a certain speed and strength that were not possible to achieve with a slow speed.

He looked at me with a puzzled look in his eyes. How would he be able to learn to do that movement without doing it slowly first, until he could achieve a faster rhythm?

“Keep trying until you are able to do it, that is the way I learnt it” I replied. You need to keep trying until you can coordinate your movements and achieve it.

He was not very pleased with the idea. This movement could take weeks to master, but the only way to get there is practising every day, many times, non-stop!

He began practising but the movement was difficult. The weapon fell on his feet causing him pain.  Then he said: “I won´t be able to do it”. I picked up his weapon and asked him to try again and again, “Keep trying, that movement is possible for you to do, this is no time to stop, just keep trying”.

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10 thoughts on “This is certainly no time to stop

  1. Thank you for your kindness dear Kritika, I am slowing down and doing better thank you always for your kindness and support

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