Does it matter any more?

Looking through old papers I found old notes I used to receive from a friend who worked at NASA and who due to his high position there, he was able to  give me the latest news for me to broadcast in my radio program every day.

He had me in a special email group where I received inner memos and info that were not ready many times for news release. So more than once I had to take back and apologise on the air, for some news that were proved wrong or changed afterwards.

Despite the fact that my friend does not work there any more I will not mention his name here, besides that is irrelevant because what I would like to share with you today is that one of the news I found among my program notes was the memo warning about a huge asteroid approaching our planet with a high percentage of possibilities of collision. 

Of course luckily that didn´t happen or you wouldn’t be reading this? Or maybe it happened in a different local reality?  Who knows?

The thing is that I remember that news was really frightening and I barely mentioned it on the air. Because I thought it was too “harsh” to say something like that in national radio.

Later on I found out that kind of news are more common than I thought, and although they never reach the media, the risk is constant.

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10 thoughts on “Does it matter any more?

  1. I love this. You describe a “thought experiment” that can help us understand and value what is, truly important in our lives. Hugs, Isabella

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