What’s your inner voice saying?

Our ancestors were connected all the time with a better source of information than the Internet is nowadays.

They listened to their inner voice (intuition). And they were more “connected” to their environment than we are now.

Despite the fact that we are connected all the time through our modern devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops almost everywhere we go, the main connection to our natural source of information is getting weaker everyday.

We are losing contact with our inner self and we are losing one of the best tools for surviving ever created.  Our intuition, that inner voice that let us know things without learning them. We have all experienced, in one way or the other, its power.

There are plenty of studies on that subject so we can stop thinking of it as a mere magical mumbo jumbo. There are plenty of anecdotes all around the world that confirms its power and importance, since many lives have been saved by it.

And now even the U.S. Military is studying its power.

So why don’t we take back that connection and start exercising it so when can take advantage of it in our daily life?

It’s now proven that when you relearn to listen to that inner voice, your creativity gets boosted up and your mind remains more awake and alert, giving you more ideas and allowing you to discover hidden opportunities.

Take more time off to be with yourself. That is one of the main keys to “wake our inner voice up”. Relearn to be with yourself, without noise, Internet, phone calls, nor any other disturbances.

Take a long walk by yourself, meditate, practice some kind of creative art, like writing, painting, sculpting, write some music or  play an instrument, do something artistic for yourself.  You don’t need to be a virtuoso and impress anybody else, do this for you only.

Let go of your negativity and try to understand others, practice empathy, observe everything around you, be aware and be present here and now.

Write your dreams every morning in a notebook, your subconscious mind talks to you in your dreams and you never know when something meaningful can help you in your “awake”life.

Your inner voice might save your life someday. Give it some time and attention and the rewards will be abundant in all senses.

Remember we are all ONE with the Universe, do not disconnect yourself any further.

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