How many times have you blamed your success on the circumstances? Other people? Luck?

Usually we tend to blame the outside world for your disgraces and take the credit for our successes.

But being honest with yourself, those things that are bothering you, hindering you, holding you back, are they really so “external”?

It is not that easy to accept that we are responsible for the creation of that we call our reality. After all, with all those awful events that are happening in the world out there, we cannot do anything to make this a better place.  We are too busy trying to survive and make our life less painful, right?

But isn’t you the one who is submerging yourself in the news every day? Isn’t you the one who is talking all the time about how bad things are nowadays and how bad people have become?

Isn’t really you the one who is placing the parameters to judge your reality? Of course you are, who else? The problem is that the parameters you are choosing are the wrong ones and that is why now your reality is a total mess.

Yes, we are all choosing the bad perspective to observe our world and we are all responsible for what this planet has become.

So being honest with ourselves, if we can take credit for our achievements and past and present successes then, we can take credit for our failures and past and present obstacles.

But this is not for making us feeling bad and blame and scold ourselves.  This is an opportunity to realise we have been taking things the wrong way. We have been observing things from the wrong side and from the incorrect perspective.

“But I am not the one to blame for my economical problems, the government is doing things wrong and we are all suffering because of their incapacity” you might say.  Well, that is the easy and common way to react, but then again, you can see many people who are not struggling to survive each day and believe me, not all of them are part of the mafia or receive money from dark sources.

Once we accept our own responsibility in our present situation, we can accept our responsibility for the situation of our planet.  We can change our mentality and we can help others to open their mind to change theirs as well.

As co-creators we are ready to make a global change, we can give, we can decide to be a better micro-world in order to cause the macro-world to change as well.

So start contributing to the enhancement of this your reality and join a global effort to change the “failure and fear” mentality some people are trying to inflict in our subconscious mind so we can be easily manipulated and remain in the same “loser” state we have been living for a long time.

Be honest, you are the best, and you know it.

Taken from my book “Quantum thoughts: 300 ideas to change your life” Please visit my site clicking HERE 


3 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Nice, Hector. I like looking at things from the micro/macro levels. Think globally, act locally has sort of taken over my action plan 🙂 The problems of the planet seem so immense that it can be paralyzing. But we each have choices about our own hearts and actions. Change begins at home 🙂

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