Have you notice how we tend to worry like crazy, have the blackest thoughts, imagine the worst scenarios, overstress our body and lose sleep and hunger like crazy?

And after all that, things work out in bizarre ways in the end.

We feel so relieved after the things were not as bad as we imagined that we forget to look back and see all those nasty details that robbed us from our health and peace of mind.

So when next test arrives, will you once again go through the same process of worrying, losing sleep and appetite and damage our body as much as we can.

When are you going to learn that life has uncommon ways to fix things? When are you going to learn that you are more than capable to handle the things that are in front of you right now? Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there.

But well it seems like an old tradition to worry, get mad, get anxious and stress our system to the fullest, before we allow some faith in our heart so we allow things to work out properly.

I am not saying you have to sit and pretend everything is alright and do nothing.  What I am saying here is that you have NO need to alter your health and peace of mind for things that one way or the other, will end up with the best end result for you.

I am not saying that you need to become a “believer” in any religion. Faith has nothing to do with religion after all. Remember, you can be a spiritual person without being a religious one. Faith has more to do with “trust” than anything else and, you can always trust yourself, the Universe, your inner strength, etc.

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8 thoughts on “Bizarre

  1. Worry is almost always a waste of emotion and time, isn’t it? It surely is a silly thing to do when things end up well. Yet, even when things are headed downhill, worry changes nothing and robs us of the bright moments in the now. You’re right that trust can sustain us as we face life’s challenges. 🙂

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