The power of the vacuum

Few year ago in London I had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of the Casimir Effect experiment that proves the existence of energy in the “vacuum”.  Do not worry I will not get too technical here so if you would like to get more information on this, search “The Casimir effect” on the net. I am sure you will find this very interesting.

This morning I received new info on that subject and it inspired me to find more answers on different situations I am going through right now.

We are discovering nowadays that most concepts we had about that, what we call reality, are wrong. And we will need to re-think our own ideas and concepts once more.

There was a time when people thought there was an invisible “material” known as “Aether”.

Aristotle treated the Aether as the finest of substances that filled up space — a fifth ‘element’ alongside Air, Water, Fire and Earth — on the principle that nature abhorred a vacuum or nothingness. The Aether thus became known as “Quintessence”.

Even illusionists “used” the term to describe some of their acts as a miraculous manipulation of Aether.

Then the physicists of the 19th and 20th centuries arrived and “killed” the classical concept of Aether and new “fields” arrived to substitute it.

As J. Allen Hynek said once: “…There will be a science of the 19th century, one science of the 20th century and so on…” And we need to constantly adapt our thoughts to this changes.

Now we have a new “Aether” We had learnt there is no “empty space” in our universe, there is no “void” where we see nothing, there are no “holes” and even if we see nothing out there, our universe is full of energy and changes all the time.

So what we saw before as “void” is actually a set of quantum fields constantly creating and destroying particles. These fields ae constantly fluctuating, creating pairs of virtual particles that instantly annihilate each other. This activity generates a background energy, known as the Vacuum energy.

And as you have heard before: “As above, so below…” So the same thing happens in our mind.

Have you noticed that when you “lose” something, a new one appears in your life?

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