The test

When you study a particular subject you are aware that after a certain period of time your teacher will try to evaluate your learning level by applying an exam.

Most educational systems have this habit of doing exams weekly, monthly some even more often and then at the end of the school period.

Nobody object this.  We all accept it, if not willingly at least we don´t make a big fuss about it.

Then why do we complain when life sends us tests to see how advance we are in our life lessons?

When a teacher surprised us with an unexpected test first thing in the morning, we felt nervous and sometimes lost, but we never yelled at him crying and demanding him to stop the test because we were good people and we didn´t deserve such a punishment! Right?

Nevertheless when life surprises us with an unexpected situation and we classify it as a problem or obstacle we made a big drama about it.

In both cases, we were given the knowledge and tools to face a test in advance. Probably we didn’t study enough, maybe we felt a little distracted with some concepts, but we are already prepared to face this exam and any other that comes.

So why are we still seeing this surprise tests as bad events? Well, we are conditioned to see them as bad luck, bad situation, obstacles, problems, and so on and so forth.

Take a deep breath, think that this is not a permanent situation, it is just a test and you already have got the knowledge, the experiences and the tools to pass it with flying colours! Otherwise life wouldn´t give it to you at this moment.

And if for any reason you flunk it, no problem, Life will send you a similar test and then another and another, until you pass it satisfactorily.

So, never take any test as an injustice. You are more than capable to learn from it and to pass it with the highest grades!

Just take it as it is. No matter how frightful it looks, no matter how unsurmountable it seems. You are bigger than that test and more than capable to do it with ease.

You have acquired the knowledge from the best teachers in the whole planet, you have the skills and power to master the subject of life, but most times your main problem is that you forget who you are and that you are not alone down here.

Go ahead, review your theory, sharpen your tools and believe that you are unique. Surprise yourself by passing every test with your natural strength and courage.  The whole universe is expecting you to shine with your own inner Light. And you know you are totally capable to do it right.



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  2. Oops, my bad. Sorry Hector, I clicked on your link from Sally’s page, and thought I was still there when I commented. The message is still the same. 🙂

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