People are nowadays living as fast as they can. It seems like a speed contest to see who the first to reach the highest level of stress is, in the shortest time possible.

They tell us to be passionate about our work, our activities and relationships, passionate about living our life to the fullest. That is brilliant, but I am seeing people who in order to feel they are passionate about their lives are entering a self-centred world of their own.

We do not need to be so radical about our actions.  We can be passionate and at the same time share that passion with others.

To be passionate does not mean being egotistic. The perfect way to live with happiness is combining our passions and our contributions.

Life is not a contest to be won, is a multi-media experience to be enjoyed and shared with others.

We can enjoy our life and contribute to the well-being of others at the same time. If you enjoy your passion and teach others to enjoy theirs, you will discover true happiness.

And I do not mean you should try and force others to enjoy your passion, but with your example you will encourage others to follow their own. And if in the end you can share yours with them, then even better, remember: “The more, the merrier…”

If you shine with your own inner light everywhere you go, you will light up the path of others and at the same time motivate them to allow themselves to shine with their own inner light .

Be the person who is willing to spread your own light, be the person who everyone receives with joy because your presence is felt and cherished because you are the one who brings happiness and hope everywhere you go.

Be the role model everyone is trying to emulate, because with your enthusiasm you make life brighter and worth living.

Be the example young people wish to copy, be the leader who brings out the best side of others and makes them feel proud of who they are.

When you find the beauty and miracles in everything around you, automatically others will find them too in their path.

Stand tall, be proud of who you are, decide to be happy and this world will be a better place because you have decided to be the best you.

And once you see the consequences of giving love and Light to others by being a better you, you will wonder how were you able to live all these years without giving yourself to the world and sharing your gifts and Light with the rest of creation.

If you need something then give whatever you can of that something to others, so you´ll get it back in abundance.






5 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Lovely uplifting post, Hector. I think the other part of living passionately is living mindfully in the present; otherwise we’re missing out on the intensity of today and the wonderful people and experiences that are happening right now. 🙂


  2. Thank you D! you are so right, being present is one of the most important aspects we so often take for granted! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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