Not that far away…

When I have these dialogues with my inner self, I tend to “justify” many of the mistakes my subconscious mind points out to me. But as I cannot fool myself so easily, very often I end up “burnt and crashed” but a little bit wiser and stronger.

Sometimes I kept dreaming on things that seemed so “impossible” or too “far away” from me to reach them but that “impossibility” or “distance” made my mind doubt I could ever reach them. I am sure you have been there as well. We all have.

So when I begin to feel that way now what I usually do is rewind my memory tape and push play again so I can see how things “seemed” in the past and how now I am enjoying what in those times looked so far away from my reach and/or impossible to obtain at that time.

There is nothing more frustrating than entertaining the feeling of impossibility to reach a dream.

So if you are there right now, I would ask you to stop seeing that goal as something too far away from you.  Stop, take a deep breath and look around you now.  Most times you already have something wonderful by your side and you are missing its presence by looking away trying to find that magical goal that will make you so happy, once you possess it.

I am serious, most times we lose the real pleasures of life by ignoring their presence and keeping our mind focused on the things we haven’t yet reached. But we are not enjoying our present blessings and we are suffering with the thought of the things we haven´t got yet. So in the end, we keep suffering all the time. Non-stop.

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