You might believe in the power of suggestion or not.

I am the one who is always asking you to spread “positive” thoughts all around you and I do my best to do so as humanly possible.

But yesterday I had to use that technique in an emergency and it worked.

In a facility where I teach self-defence techniques some guys decided to play a practical joke on a class mate. When he arrived in the morning I saw him in good shape and healthy, even in a good mood.

But as soon as his classmates saw him they began to ask him if he was feeling good: “Man! Are you alright?”,” You look so pale”, “Are you sick?”, “You should go and see a doctor, you look terrible”, and so on and so forth.

By noon, this fellow was feeling terrible, he had to be taken to the infirmary with high fever and breathing problems.

All his classmates were very scared because they knew they have been the cause of his actual state. They asked me to go and see him to see what could I do. Now they were the ones who looked pale and sick!

As soon as I entered his room I told him I was so happy to see he was feeling better. He looked at me with puzzled eyes and just answered that he was NOT feeling any better. I told him he really looked better than in the morning.

Then I changed the subject to much pleasant things. I talked about his family and how happy I was to see him improving his training, (he is my student in self-defence techniques) and we talked how good he was with the new styles we were practicing and how he had improved his personality in the last months.

We commented on the importance of natural food and he was very excited to hear some of the properties of vegetables and fruits he had begun to eat in a daily basis. His eyes begun to recover their natural shine and I could notice how he was recovering his posture.

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22 thoughts on “Suggestion

  1. I used to say, that I would live up to whatever someone told me I was… So now, I am that someone and I have learned to be ever so aware of what I tell myself, as well as others! ❤

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  3. Wonderful post. So true that we don’t fully realize the power words have to affect our mood, feelings and eventually our health. I find children and young adults are especially vulnerable to ‘words’ that are directed at them. I think that’s why bullying can be so devastating. Also, the words we tell ourselves on a daily basis have a huge impact on our psyche and emotional health. Just my thoughts!

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  4. I think this is very true. I grew up doubting myself and still do, it’s a hard thing to get over. But the times when I haven’t, I’ve been amazed by what I achieved. People who think they can, do. There are things in this world which we can’t explain, but they just work. Last year I did a Reiki course. I dont know how it works, but it just does. And ever since then I have noticed how much more positive I am. And thats a happy feeling. 😊

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