Your main goal

In the past few weeks I have seen people who began with enthusiasm and lots of energy some endeavour, some project, or some dream they had for a long time and finally decided on taking the first steps.

And in the same way we drop our new year´s resolutions after facing some obstacles, they decided to abandon theirs too.

Some years ago, a friend of mine who was a fiction writer, after writing 5 books with not many sells to show in his pocket, he decided to quit.  He told me then that nobody was buying his books and he felt he was wasting his time by writing with no apparent results.

I read two of his books and liked the stories very much. But I think he expected to sell thousands of books in a few months and when he didn’t see the results he expected, he decided to give up writing for good.

I haven´t thought about him or his novels in a long time, but last week I was browsing some books in a magazine.

I was attracted by the cover of a recent released book that has been very successful and has been in the best seller lists for a couple of months. I picked up the book and began reading the back cover to see what the story was about.

The story sounded familiar but I couldn’t remember where had I read that before.

After reading more pages into the story I realised that it was the same story my friend had written years ago. With few changes but the story was basically the same.

I contacted my friend to let him know about this, but he said he couldn’t do anything about it, since the new story was already registered and he had never finished the copyright process.

He said it was too late to try to do something about it and I just didn´t insist any further.

As usual, in the world of creativity, ideas are stolen every day by the millions.

Probably in a few months his other novels will be plagiarized as well without any consequences for the thieves. My friend now regrets his decision of not continuing with his writing.

I am not sure if he is going back to write novels or not, but I hope next time he receives a response different to what he expects, he continues nevertheless.

Abandoning what you love, just because you are not receiving the credit you expect, is a risky business.

Do what you love, not to receive praises for your work. Do it because it fills your soul and heart with joy, then all kinds of rewards will follow. But just do it because it makes you a happier person.

Success is a result of following your passions and being happy in the process.

Cheer yourself up and let happiness be your main drive. That should be your main goal.












6 thoughts on “Your main goal

  1. I don’t understand… In what way register the rights? As far as I know, it’s enough to write a work and it is yours. True, my best friend is a lawyer and she takes care of these things for me, she registers my work wherever it is necessary, but as far as I know you can’t just steal a work and not answer for it. If he can prove he wrote that story first, he has chances of success, and they are NOT slim. The lawyer will cost something unless he’s insured, but it’s worth it. Tell me if you need someone good, as a translator I work with an army of lawyers. Your friend can strip the thief of everything he has.

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  2. Thank you anaatcalin!!
    I really appreciate your kindness! I´ll let him know although he told me he talked to several attorneys about it.
    It seems it depends on the country you live in. He lives now in Colombia and that book was published in Mexico. He told me they changed some aspects of the story (names, some events, etc.) So the attorneys told him it would take a long time and therefore very expensive to take those people to court.
    Anyway I am going to tell him about your comment and see what he says.
    I have no words to thank you for your kindness, people like you is who give internet its real strength! To see this solidarity and spirit on-line is really encouraging.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  3. I had the same reaction as anaatcalin, but perhaps it does matter where you live. My advice to new writers is to write because you love it, and if one day in the distant future you make a living at it, then that’s the cherry on the cake.

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  4. Indeed, thank you D! I hope to be in Colombia in two months and I’ll talk to him more deeply about this. Thank you for reading!!

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