Your best friend

I know we all talk “bad” about ourselves from time to time: “I am so stupid!”, “how silly of me…”,” Man! I am so clumsy.” And so on.

Sometimes without even realising we keep “insulting” ourselves the whole day. And although our conscious mind wouldn´t pay much attention on it, our subconscious mind does.

Thus creating our “hidden” programming.

A friend of mine (who once was my math teacher as well) was an excellent tennis player.  He trained after his classes 5 or 6 hours every day.

But out of a “fake modesty” he began to underestimate his own abilities when talking to other people. He told me he felt bad talking in a good way about his game. He didn’t want to sound boastful or arrogant. So he began to talk “bad” about his skills.

And yes, you guessed it! His game began to fail.

He took the habit of “down-talk” himself constantly and of course, this was reflected in his performance.

The thing is, he couldn´t understand why he was getting worse on his game, when he was training harder than usual.

I sat with him and told him about that nasty habit almost all of us have of talking about ourselves in a negative way. We talked about how the subconscious mind cannot “see” the difference between reality and fiction. And how he was “programming” his mind to become a lousy tennis player.

When we finished talking about it he said in a loud voice and taking his hands to his head: Man! I have been such an idiot all this time!!

I stared at him in silence. After a few seconds we both laughed shouting: Cancel! Cancel! CANCEL!

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