The weight

I was watching a group of ants carrying a big piece of bread, probably to their anthill, and I couldn’t stop noticing one of them who was carrying a smaller piece and moved faster than the rest.

What caught my attention was that a part of his piece of bread was lying upon one corner of the bigger piece the others were carrying together. So he was slowing the others down with his piece of bread and the others seemed so unaware of it.

That reminded me of once I was pulling a sleigh loaded with small barrels, I was trying to pull it as hard as I could, but for some strange reason, it was getting harder and harder to pull, until I wasn´t able to move it anymore, I thought I was getting tired of pulling but on a second look I noticed some barrels that were not mine on the sleigh.

My friends had been putting their barrels on my sleigh so I had been saving them the effort for a good distance. Until the weight was just too much for me and I couldn´t move anymore.

An old man who was amusingly watching the scene just told me that he had taught his children the other way around. He never carried things for them. He had always taught them to carry their own stuff and to pull their own sleigh, otherwise when the time come when they need to do it by themselves, they wouldn´t know how and that would affect them even more than doing the things for them now.

I have thought often on that lesson and I have realised the importance of it.

Many times we try to carry the world for others on our shoulders, in order to avoid them the pain and effort. But in the end, we cause them more pain and double effort when we keep them from learning.

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2 thoughts on “The weight

  1. Great post, Hector. I often work this through in my mind related to my kids. Sometimes I help and sometimes they need to look at their choices and make things work on their own. It’s a big part of parenting 🙂

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