Blessed tears

To Family Henaine-Brito with my deepest Love and Respect


Yesterday a great man and good friend passed away. These events are always difficult to digest and accept when the person is close to us.

When I was there in front of his casket, I was wondering where his energy was? Where all that life energy has gone? Energy is never destroyed, only transformed, so where were his good humour, his enthusiasm, his love for life are now?

Many people were there showing their sympathy, most of them were shocked and red eyes were trying to keep the tears from coming out abundantly.

That terrible “C” illness took the life energy away from his physical body, although you could still feel his “presence” very strong in that room.

As I saw his wife and children cry with a deep pain in their hearts, I felt the need to do or say something to take that pain away, but I knew perfectly well that there was nothing I could do or say that could erase that sorrow from their hearts.  That indeed was very painful to me as well.

But on the other hand, I understood in that moment that those tears showed the deepest love words were not able to express.  That sorrow was the sign of how great that men had been for his family and friends and what a profound track he had left in every person he had touched in his life.

At that moment I realised that those tears, those expressions of sorrow were not a negative thing. It was a way to express how difficult it was for us to let him out of our physical sight. And how deeply imprinted his image was in our souls.

So I felt those tears were the purest way to say “farewell my friend, you will be missed but never forgotten”

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2 thoughts on “Blessed tears

  1. So sorry to hear about the death of your friend. Even if we believe in the eternal spirit and that someone has transformed the world forever through a legacy of love, the physical loss and the loss of a future together are mourned and worthy of tears. ❤

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