Do not cheat anymore

After listening to some friends talking about their bitter experiences in the relationship world, followed by a thousand complains about their significant other’s behaviour. I remained silent.

Men say women nowadays cheat the most and so say women about men, but if you analyse this, there is a deeper concern that is usually overlooked in these cases.

They say that if you do not love yourself, then you cannot love anybody else. So in the same note, if you cheat on yourself, therefore you are more likely to cheat on anybody else.

My friends (females and males) complain about the lack of interest showed by their partners. But on the other side, none of them is showing any interest on themselves either. 

How can you demand from your lover more interest and attention towards you, when you are not even showing yourself the minimum respect?

Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you eating well? Good sleep and exercise lately? Are you putting your own needs in the top of your priorities´ List? Come on, be honest, I won´t tell anybody.

Aha, no you are not taking good care of yourself, I knew it.

You get mad when your significant other won´t have the minimum detail with you, but you are not capable of giving yourself five minutes to enjoy a sunset, beautiful music or a delicious fruit?

Mmmh, ok.  Your boyfriend or girlfriend is busy trying to finish their “to do list” and couldn´t call you the other night at the usual time and you stop calling them because you were so offended, but you prefer watching your soap opera on the TV and once again you fell asleep without reading the 5 pages of that wonderful book that could change your life, and instead of giving yourself a good scolding about it, you are the fastest one to find a good justification for it.

Well, you know what? I am not surprised to hear your lover cheated on you, I am frustrated and disappointed to know you cheated on yourself. And I am surprised that you have the nerve to demand loyalty from others and turn to the other side when you have to face your own betrayal.

You are the only person you will share the rest of your life with. You need this present physical body as a vehicle to interact with this universe and it is your responsibility to take care of it.  You can find any excuse to abuse it, mistreat it, take it to extremes and still say you are an angel who takes good care of it and so on. You can say anything you want but the results will show the truth to you and to the world.

So stop complaining of how the rest of the world is so cruel and treating you as rubbish.

If you treat yourself as the finest jewel, the others will notice it and treat you with respect and consideration. If you won´t allow rubbish from yourself in your life, you will not allow negative and abusive people near you. They won´t even dare to get near you.

Let the universe know that you love and respect yourself so much and you take it so seriously, that you will not allow anyone near you who don´t follow the same principles.

You are a wonderful being of Light. Treat yourself accordingly.

Stop demanding from others what you are not capable of giving yourself. Do not cheat on yourself anymore.



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