The cause

I was talking to a friend about all those bizarre “negative” things and events in our lives.

According to him, his life had always been very harsh and difficult. Many times he had complained about all the things he had to go through to survive, while most of his friends and family had a more relaxed and comfortable life, (at least from his perspective).

He had to overcome several obstacles in his past, in order to reach some things that other people simply obtained or achieved in a very “relaxed” manner, according to his analysis.

He was about to go once more, through the list of difficulties he had to face in his life until this morning, when I was forced to interrupt his litany in order to avoid 45 more minutes of the same old, same old.

I told him I usually admired his patience and wisdom, the way he could tell others the best way to act and behave in difficult situations was amazing, but he was able to do that only because he had gone through too many difficult times himself. His wisdom and patience were a result of all those times he had to go through fire and find his way out on his own.

When he and his brothers were abandoned by their mother in their early childhood, he was able to feed them all, by doing chores and temporal jobs here and there and, because he was suddenly on his own, with no help whatsoever, he had been able to learn to be back on his feet faster.

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2 thoughts on “The cause

  1. Interesting post, Hector, and I agree. What has happened to us offers perspective, a chance to grow and learn, to be who we are today. It was helpful for me, during some of the more difficult times in my life, to just accept that sh*t happens and it’s not fair. That acceptance, for me, forestalls the entrenchment of anger and blame and allowed me to get on with the art of living.

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