We all have gone through difficult experiences, some more than others, but we all have survived the hard times.

I met once a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb, she was a very kind and sweet old woman.

When I was told she was a survivor of that terrible event, I just couldn´t believe it. She looked so peaceful, so sweet and so happy with life I just couldn´t believe she had gone through such an awful life experience!

Of course, you say, too many years have passed after that horrible incident, but let me tell you that I have met people who had far less awful experiences that had marked their character and personality.

I have some friends who had gone through minimal “hardships” in life and now they live full of hate and a spirit of revenge you would not believe can be possible nowadays.

I know two sisters who after a minor discussion about a mutual boyfriend they haven´t talked to each other in 20 years. And probably they will die without exchanging a word between them.

Sometime ago I read about three brothers who had a big fight when they were young and now that they are in their golden years they cannot remember why they stopped talking to each other, that “reason” is gone and forgotten but they still keep the silence among them.

Is that really worth it?

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