Try it first! (mental note)

A bad habit I have been trying to get rid of, but I still keep hidden somewhere deep in my subconscious mind is judging something before even try it.

Many times I have seen new and strange food in my travels and immediately, even before checking its smell, labelled it as: Not good.

For instance, once it happened to me with a thick corn made tortilla-like dish from El Salvador, very popular in that country. They stuff it with cheese, beans or meat and add some tomato sauce, cabbage, relish etc.

The aspect was not that “appealing” to me in the beginning and immediately I refused to try it. But after the insistence of some local friends I reluctantly accepted to try “one little bite”.

Instantly I love the “pupusa”! The flavour was delicious and after eating three of them I even loved its appearance! Love at first taste!

But my experience is not limited to food. I have judged in advance, activities, people and places in the same closed-minded way.

And yes, usually I ended up changing my mind about it, after trying them too.

I do not know why my mind rushes to label things, places and people in such a narrow-minded way, but I am doing my best to avoid it.

Nowadays we are seeing prejudices we thought had vanished in the past, resurge with an amazing strength all around the planet. All those prejudgments are most times, the by-product of a lack of knowledge combined with a rushed labelling of misunderstood facts.

Have you ever done that? Are you still labelling things and people without giving them the opportunity to show you their real colours?

I guess we all can answer affirmatively to those questions.

But if something will not harm you in any way nor harm others, I guess you should try it first, put yourself in the shoes of the other person, give yourself the opportunity to live the experience and then and only then, decide.

Once you have lived the experience and you know how things really are, then you can put the right “label” if that works for you.

In so doing, many misunderstandings could be erased from your mind.

I guess we still have a lot to learn before we can be free of prejudices and false judgments, but in the meantime, give yourself the chance to try new things, meet people from other countries, religions and mentalities. Remember we are all here on this planet as pieces of the same puzzle. We need all the pieces together in order to keep the image complete.

So give yourself the opening, go and try it first, decide later, but try it first please!








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