Unanswered petitions

Many times I have question myself, the Universe, God, etc., why some of my petitions, prayers, dreams never came true.  I even have felt hurt and ignored because of this.

I know we all have gone through an experience like this but, sometimes we forget it and, despite seeing later that the results we would have received were totally different to what we expected in the first place, we allow that feeling of rejection, frustration, etc., to abide in our hearts once more.

I remember a long time ago, a friend wanted so bad to travel to a big city with his friends. His parents oppose to that trip and he got very frustrated and mad at them.

He had been planning that trip for months but in the end, his grades at school had been much lower than expected and his parents decided he had not “earned” that trip.

He was furious when they left without him and we were talking about how mad he was with the incomprehension of his parents when he received a call from another friend to let him know his friends had just had an accident on the road, three of them were really hurt.

He stood up there silent and without even saying a word to me he went home to tell his parents what had just happened.

Fortunately, his friends left the hospital walking but, that feeling of “being saved by an unknown force” has remained with him since.  Who knows what would have happened to him if his parents had decided differently.

I am telling you this as a very “clear” sample of a good result of a friend´s “unfulfilled dream”. We knew later, that it had been good for him not being allowed to go in that trip.

But what about those events when we never know what would have happened if things had been different in our life?

Are you strong enough as to trust what is going on in your life right now? To really believe that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf?  Is your faith solid enough as to trust that what you are experiencing now is what you are supposed to be living in this moment? Regardless of what your desires and expectations are now?

Easier said than done.

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4 thoughts on “Unanswered petitions

  1. I think that way all the time Hector. If I have a morning full of disasters and end up leaving late for an appointment, I figure that the universe was saving me from being hit by a logging truck if I’d left on time. Ya just never know! 🙂

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  2. Indeed D! I totally agree! Actually I was about to be run over by a motorcycle once but “luckily” I tripped two seconds before that. So, yes, you just never know!

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